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Christian Blogs

Why You Should Read My Christian Blogs

The Christian blogs written on my website are designed to provide comfort and assurance in God’s Word. However, it’s important to remember God's Word is never meant to comfort us in our sin. The blogs are to encourage us to dig deeper; the blog is to hold us as Believers accountable. They should make us self-reflect as well as remind us of what God expects from us in our lives. I chose topics we as Believers sometimes ignore or fail to address. The blogs are honest and transparent and are a reminder to us that Christianity is a lifestyle. Some of the topics written in my Christian blogs include learning how to deal with distractions, our salvation, finding peace in God, how to recognize a new season in our life with God, and much more. Be sure to visit the website often to read all of the latest blogs. Please feel free to like or leave a comment on the blog entry as well as join my social media page/author page on Facebook and Instagram. If you would like to know more about my story please order my books which speak about how my trials and obstacles help strengthen my relationship with God and how God is faithful. 

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