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Image of Sanaa author of foreword

                     Meet Sanaa 
Author of the Foreword in Second Wind

Sanaa is a former student of mine who wrote the foreword in my book. She is now a rising junior at Dover High School. She loves being involved in clubs and volunteering for school events. She enjoys reading in her free time. She plans to attend University of Delaware or University of Pennsylvania when she graduates high school to earn a degree in business. She currently holds 100.2 GPA. 

Sanaa is one of the students apart of the class I speak about in my book. She is brilliant in her own right, but also very reserved. I thought she was going to beg to change out of my class her eighth grade year once she seen how crazy I was, but she ended up loving her eighth grade math teacher. I witnessed her drive in the classroom firsthand and knew she was destined for great things. She is relentless in the fact she is determined to learn and understand every aspect of every concept in the classroom. 

So I was elated when she accepted my proposal to not only be one of my beta (test) readers for my book, but also write the foreword for my book. I absolutely love this girl!

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