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 Tiffany N. Smith - Just a girl who loves God.
Image of author Tiffany N. Smith

Tiffany N. Smith is a new author with her first published book titled, Second Wind: Spiritual Respiration: I Can Breathe Again, a non-fiction book that highlights God’s faithfulness throughout her life, particularly during a period of experiencing two strokes and how God used the recovery process to show her His love, His sovereignty, and His faithfulness. It is written with a memoir-type vibe.


Tiffany just published her second book, Deeper Than A Devotional, a Bible devotional, that causes the Believer to dig deep. Though the Bible is to be used to comfort the Believer, the devotional reminds the reader that God never intended for His word to be used to comfort them in their sin. These devotionals will uplift, inspire, and encourage, but also remind the Believer to remain in a state of accountability.


Tiffany currently resides in Delaware where she is a passionate educator starting up a new educational consultant company. She is currently working on her doctorate in Educational Leadership. Tiffany believes her position as an educator is one of her assignments from God.


Tiffany is known for her outspoken demeanor, genuine heart, and bold spirit in Christ. She spends most of her free time sharing ice cream with her husband, traveling to watch her daughter play college lacrosse, and supporting her students off the clock.

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Tough Talk with Tiffany Blog

Hearing the truth can be challenging or tough to talk about for various reasons especially with us Believers. The truth can sometimes be uncomfortable to confront, especially when it challenges our own personal beliefs, behaviors, or perceptions. It can expose our weaknesses, mistakes, or areas where we need to grow. What we fail to realize, is all of that is needed, when we are striving to be like God.  


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Image of book titled Deeper Than a Devotional
Deeper Than a Devotional

***New daily devotion that digs deep***

In a society where we as Believers tend to use scriptures to comfort us, scriptures were never meant to comfort us in our sin. These devotions will uplift, encourage as well as hold you accountable. God's scriptures were meant to show you, YOU. 

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