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I’m sorry, are you comfortable?

“In all this Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly.”

                         ‭‭Job‬ ‭1‬:‭22‬ ‭KJV‬‬

If you are a Believer or a non-believer, you have most likely heard of the story of Job. How he was an upright man or a man without sin and how he lost his his children, lost his material possessions, lost his riches and even lost his good health.

Believers usually love this story because after Job lost everything, he got even more back. God gave Job double for his trouble (Job 42:10).

But what if you had a Job experience with regards to his losses, but you didn’t get the same gains as Job? What if you didn’t get back more than you lost?

What if you have a Job experience and all you have left is God? Is that enough!?

Of course it’s enough because if you have everything but no God, you have nothing, but if you have nothing but only have God, you have everything.

As I was reading through the chapters of Job this specific verse stayed in my spirit. (Job 1:22).

What if you lose everything, can you still give God honor and praise? This verse tells us that Job lost everything but did not “charge God foolishly.”

Does that mean God didn’t allow it? Nope. God is God over EVERYTHING. So though you may have caused it, or maybe the enemy caused it but ultimately God allowed it to happen or he didn’t stop it from happening.

Why? - that’s usually the question that’s always asked. And sometimes we don’t know but we can always assess or take inventory of our lives and take a few guesses.

Is “this” happening because of my decisions?

Is “this” happening because the enemy is at me because I am trying to do right? (The enemy isn’t bothering “his” workers.)

Is “this” happening because God is allowing me to be tested to prove me? (God trying to level me up or give me more responsibility because He knows I am ready.)

Whatever category you decide your trial, your obstacle or your valley experience goes in does not negate the fact:

“God has a right to remove our comforts.” That’s a sentence that got my attention out of the Bible hub commentary under Barnes Notes. It resonated in my spirit.

Though there is so much revelation in Job. There were two perspective of 1 huge take aways I got this morning as I did my reading.

  1. God is the giver of everything. God gives and He takes away for reasons He only knows. We can take inventory of our lives and make hypotheses of the reasons why but God only knows the exact reasons He gives what he gives and takes away what he takes away. The bottom line is we must know enough about God to know HE wants what’s best for us and therefore TRUST how He does it. Therefore we have to be “content” or accept what God gives to us and accept what he takes away.

  2. God is the giver of everything, therefore He has a right to take away our “comforts.” For whatever reason He takes them away, it proves God is the ONLY TRUE COMFORTER! He’s our source for everything. So though family is a comfort, having things can be a comfort and a lot of these blessings can make us comfortable, they can never take the place of God. He is and always will be the ultimate Comforter. Sometimes God takes away everything around us that is familiar  or makes us comfortable so we are reminded we can only truly rely and depend on Him. He is the GREATEST comfort we have.

In conclusion, God is and will always be our one and only true SOURCE. Though God does this through natural and temporal things at time, don’t forget you are a spirit and your spirit can only be strengthened, given peace and be comforted by His spirit (Holy Ghost - God’s presence.)

I thank God that at the end of the day, if He decides to pull the hedge down and allows the enemy to have full reign of my life, as long as I have Him (God) I have everything I need and I HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH!

As long as I have God I have the victory. I still win.


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