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In a society where we as Believers are supposed to use scriptures to comfort us, God did not give us His holy word to comfort us in our sin. God's word should ultimately point us to the path that leads us to Jesus.


Yes, people are encouraged by our testimony, how we overcame our struggles and how we made it through. But please remember when you speak on various trials and tribulations you have covercome, be careful not to make yourself the hero of the story because in all honesty, who are you?


Despite who you may encourage or inspire with your story, the scripture is the MOST important part of a devotional. There is no power in "motivational speech." The power lies in God's holy word.


I didn't just write these devotionals to uplift, inspire and encourage, I also wrote them just to remind us to remain in a state of accountability. God's holy scriptures are meant to shed light to our dark places. The scriptures should be a mirror to show you, YOU!

Deeper than a Devotional (Pre-Order)

  • This is a personalized/autographed copy of the paperback book. 

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