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Who is in control? If you love them, give them to God.

“In the multitude of my thoughts within me Thy comforts delight my soul.”


                             Psalm‬ ‭94:19‬ ‭KJV‬‬

On August 24th, 2022, I moved my daughter into her college apartment. It’s the first time ever being away from me/home. And I mean she is miles away from me as she is attending Syracuse University. Though I got married October 1st, 2020, before that for 17 years, it had only and always been me and Superia.

Everyday as Christians we are tasked to trust God. We are tasked to trust God regarding our jobs and our source of income. We are tasked to trust God regarding our relationships and/or friendships. We are tasked to trust God with a roof over our heads and being able to pay our bills. We are tasked to trust God regarding sickness and our health. And all of those things can be difficult when we are encountering hardships in any of those areas, but what I learned that day is completely  trusting God with my child is a totally different level of trust!

As a mother or any good parent, our first priority is making sure our children are always safe or being able to protect them. Now, it is a lot easier to do that when your child is obedient, and is near (close vicinity) or in your presence. Those circumstances make it much easier to ensure safety. But as I dropped my daughter off, I begin to think of parents who may have done all they could to raise their child right yet, their child is wayward or not obedient. And I begin to think on my situation, when your child goes away to college or maybe in the military or just got an awesome job opportunity, but they are some distance away where you have no real reach. Will you still trust God?

One thing my mother used to say all the time when I was growing up was, “you don’t belong to me, you belong to God.” I never understood it until I got older. She constantly told me that people didn’t belong to each other but belonged to God. So even though she would worry or be concerned about us, she understood we would eventually get to a place in our lives, when we would have to make our own decisions and she just hoped and prayed we would make the right ones. She would often tell me, “I learned to give my concerns and worries to God because you and your brother and sister belong to Him anyway.

One thing about being IN GOD or being saved or having a true intimate relationship with God, you have to relinquish control. You have to understand that God is in control and the best thing you can do is to submit to His voice, submit to His ways and ultimately submit to His will.

God knows what’s best for each one of us, even our children and we have to learn to let God guide them. Therefore, despite the crazy, anxious, perplexing, sinful, empty and/or aimless thoughts that sometimes creep up in our minds to disturb our peace regarding our children, I take solace in the fact I can and will always find comfort and peace in God who is my refuge.

I am learning each day, that I must increase my faith in God to get rid of any unbelief. That unbelief is simply a cover up for the lack of trust I still may have in God in this particular area of my life. Getting rid of unbelief is so much easier said then done, but in order to “eliminate” it, I must pray, worship and more importantly GET MORE WORD in me. If God is the Word and the Word is God, the more God/Word I take in, the more characteristics of God I also gain. So the more word I take in, understand and apply, the more His attributes begin to increase in me. Ultimately, the more “God” or Scripture I read, hear and let take root in my heart so I apply it in my life, the more my strength increases, the more my faith increases and the more my peace increases.

So give up control, because you only truly control two things in your life anyway, what you say and what you do! Everything else is pretty much out of our control. So what’s the point of worrying? Leave your “worries” in His hands. He will do a much better job with our concerns, then we could ever do. Learn to trust God, totally because there is liberty/freedom in trusting God.♥️

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