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Your yesterday doesn’t have to dictate your today

Peter initially denied Christ three times.

Luke 22:54-62 KJV

Then later on during the Pentecost told the people there was no other name men could be saved but by Jesus Christ.

Acts 4:14

Paul, formally known as Saul, was the greatest Apostle to walk with God. A man who formally killed people for serving God became one of God’s greatest servants.

Acts 9

Just because you “used to do it” doesn’t mean you have to stay there. Don’t let your past dictate how you parent your children today.

This morning after prayer God gave me this:

If you are a parent who “used to do” whatever you used to do but you don’t do “it” anymore, don’t let your children make you feel guilty for the ”old things” you used to do. (I don’t care if “used to do” is yesterday.)

Sometimes we as adults carry around guilt for the not so good things we may have participated in when we didn’t know better. And children have a long memory.

Apologize to your child and MOVE ON. Don’t let them keep you there. Some of us were super young when we had our kids so we didn’t always make the best decisions as we were growing up with them but that doesn’t mean you have to allow them to make the same mistakes you did or disrespect you!

Last year before Superia left for college, I asked her how was your childhood. I gave her space. She is always so respectful to me, but I wanted to truth. She nicely told me mom you always took such good care of me, “but you were always angry.”  She said you weren’t angry with me but you were angry. Sometimes we need to hear the truth.

Giving your child space to speak RESPECTFULLY is fine as well as apologizing for things they had to endure. But that doesn’t mean you stay there and stay stuck and allow them to disrespect you because you made some mistakes. That is unacceptable.

If you have a standard now, KEEP THE STANDARD! Tell them, yes I made those mistakes but those are in the past and today is a new day!

Don’t let your children do what they want, keep you from telling them the truth and what’s best for them and not have a standard simply because you “used to”.


Happy Sunday ♥️


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